Our Story

About us

Our brand was founded in 2017 to blend love for fashion with embroidery. We, at Thread Trails seamlessly merge the timeless artistry of hand embroidery with contemporary everyday fashion. Each stitch is a testament to our dedication to preserving age-old techniques while redefining their relevance in today's fashion landscape. We intricately weave together the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities, creating pieces that not only celebrate cultural legacy but also effortlessly elevate everyday style With every garment, we invite our customers to indulge in the luxury of heritage craftsmanship, making a statement that transcends time and trends.

Fabric Sourcing

Most of our clothes are custom made or made to order. We wish to keep our customers happy and satisfied by giving them the best quality stitching and hand work. Our fabrics range from sustainable modal( made from wood pulp) to cotton linen to silks. Our beading is all done by extremely skilled men and women whose living wage is from making your clothes with utmost love and sincerity. 

Through our business, we are helping several women to be self reliant and afford necessities. We teach them how to color match, make small embellishments and beadings to accentuate the garments.To know more about our programme please write to us at info@threadtrails.com

Production Process

Our garments are very carefully and delicately manufactured in our studio space in Mumbai.

Our talented tailors mark up all the patterns which is then stenciled to be embroidered to reach all our valued customers across the globe.

Please do give us two weeks to ship our products to you all across India and four weeks to reach you across the world.


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